Just a Thought

I’ve started a habit of having a daily intention. Tim and I ask each other once in a while in the early morning or at night while we’re going to bed, “What’s your intention for the day, my Love?”

Sometimes I already have the answer worked out, other times I need to think about, but rarely does it take more than a moment for an intention that feels right to present itself.

Today, for example, my intention was to give my body lots of extra love. Tomorrow I will focus on being grateful despite (or perhaps even in light of?) the challenges life is presenting me with these past months. Other daily intentions have included eating mindfully, reaching out to family, tackling a certain daunting chore, cooking an excellent dinner, or keeping a fitting affirmation in mind.

It’s a small thing, making an intention–it doesn’t even take any physical effort. All I need to do is remember and choose one. And yet, it makes quite a surprisingly significant difference in my days. The intention gives me a focal point and from there, my practice, or at least a part of my practice, goes from being airy and loopy to being tangible and manageable.

It’s the pebble that gets thrown into the pond. It’s the genesis of the ripples that Eastern spiritualists love to refer to. It’s the conception of change.

It’s my yoga.

But somehow still, it’s just a thought.



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