A Wellness Day

I’m taking a sick day today. Or rather, a Wellness Day.

I’m not sick per say, but my body says (we communicate) it needs a day of calm and nurturing. So that’s what I’m doing. Nurturing music, healthy comfort food (brown rice cooked with ground sage, ghee, and vegetable broth–OMYum!), and just generally taking it easy.

Its also a time, I realized, to take stock of what things might be stressing me out. I tend to think everything is fine, and I’m not stressed about anything, but when I look a bit more closely and carefully, I see the pieces that add up: my sister’s moving to Spain next week, I tackled a difficult confrontation that’s been hanging over my head, I’m starting a class this week…. etc, etc. No one thing is very major by any means, but in combination (along with the efforts to be tuned in to my Self) it amounts to more than nothing.

So, a sick day. Or rather, a Wellness Day.

A day for self love and gentleness. A day of self yoga practice, steady kirtan, and despite all the ultra calm energy, a surprising amount of productivity.

I’m still doing the things that need to be done today, the difference lies in doing them with a different mentality–one of calm and steady, rather than frantic or hectic, or hurried. Its an interesting experience, and it certainly feels good to give my body what it asks for.

In conclusion, its really nice to have a good relationship and ability to communicate with my body, and to heed its whispers so it doesn’t need to scream.

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