Philipa von Kerckerinck




Shortly after completing her MA in International Affairs and Development at The New School in NYC, Philipa von Kerckerinck was working to complete her 200 hr yoga teacher training when it struck her that yoga could be a powerful tool for development. Since that day she has been working to materialize her vision of using the practice of yoga (including traditional yoga postures, breath work, mindfulness & meditation practice, music, dance/movement, discussion, philosophy, laughter, and celebration) to establish a more holistic means of cultivating positive change throughout the world, one child at a time.






Claudia Green

Operations and Mission Development



Claudia started practicing yoga in 2012, and immediately knew the practice would become a major part of her life. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and BS in Nutrition and Dietetics at West Chester University. Claudia has been studying meditation, yoga, and the philosophies of India during her time at West Chester University while pText Contentursuing a minor in Contemplative Studies. Claudia presented A Yogic Childhood at The Association for the Study of Play Conference in 2016. Claudia hopes to create positive change in the lives of children at home and abroad by spread her love of yoga and mindfulness.





Alexis Nelson



Alexis is a certified K-12 educator and works in a public high school in Vermont. She is a lifelong athlete and loves yoga because it is reminiscent of her former practice as a competitive gymnast. She is excited about bringing yogic principles to schools because the self-care lessons learned and reinforced in the Roots Tribe Yoga curriculum may be the missing piece for teachers searching for authentic and creative ways to engage students in practicing "soft" skills, such as perseverance, grit and optimism.