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Our mission is to use the practices of yoga, mindfulness, and play to empower young adults and give them the tools they need to create positive change.


RTY’s vision is that children across the world grow up with a rooted sense of empowerment, compassion, and interconnectedness.

Roots Tribe Yoga is a non-profit organization that fosters cultural diversity, unity and mindfulness. We understand that international development starts with self development. Through our curriculum we empower our students to step into their fullest potential, and provide them with the skills and tools they need to create the changes they wish to see within their lives and communities. The RTY method consists of a unique curriculum which includes asana practice, breath work, mindfulness and meditation, discussion, creativity, journaling, games and laughter.


Interested in making an impact in 2019? Participate in a Roots Tribe Yoga Ambassador Training in 2019!

The Roots Tribe Yoga Ambassador training offers an experiential based training model that gives you the leadership and empowerment you need to create a lasting impact during your Peace Corps Service. We have heard time and time again from our ambassadors that our program is unique in that it offers an experiential opportunity for our students rather than simply feeding them information.  Our ambassadors continually tell us that rather than giving our students more information we actually empower them to act on the information that they receive from educators and other programs. Without the confidence and communication skills that we help students to build, they won’t act on the information they learn. If you want to make a meaningful impact on children and young adults in your community join the Tribe and apply for our January 2018 five day Ambassador training!

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Empowerment Camp, The Gambia, 2017


This past August I traveled to The Gambia to host our 2nd annual girls empowerment camp together with Peace Corps Gambia.

The five day camp was preceded by a five day RTY Ambassador training for 4 Peace Corps Gambia Volunteers and 7 local counterparts. Each RTY Ambassador was trained in the RTY method, and the 4 Peace Corps volunteers continued their work with RTY by acting as camp coordinators.

This year, we gave each girl a RTY Empowerment Workbook to enhance their learning and give them a tangible piece of camp to bring home. Thanks to a generous donation from Om Shanti we were able to give each girl and camp coordinator a pair of yoga leggings to facilitate their personal practice!

The RTY Empowerment Camp succeeded in its mission of encouraging each girl to think critically and articulate themselves and their communities in new ways. One of the girl’s said, “I will practice yoga after I leave camp, because it makes me strong and powerful.”


As reiterated by our Ambassadors, the camp produced visible results among the girls in self-regulation, ability to identify emotions, social connectedness, self-confidence, and self-efficacy. By building their self confidence, the girls are empowered to act on the information they receive from other programs and trainings which are largely information based. Lastly, the 31 girls were empowered to create Community Development Projects in their local communities.

After participating in Roots Tribe Yoga’s 12-week yoga based empowerment curriculum, students report a statistically significant increase in:

  1. Awareness of emotions and ability to articulate them to others

  2. Social connectedness to others, seeing people as friendly and approachable

  3. Mindfulness and awareness of surroundings in daily life

  4. Self-esteem and positive attitude towards themselves.