Yoga games have innumerable benefits to offer children. Among these are:

Physical Benefits:

  • Enhance coordination and balance

  • Increase physical strength

  • Develop greater flexibility and body awareness

  • Foster sense of calmness

Social Benefits:

  • Build confidence

  • Reinforce positive self-esteem

  • Inspire teamwork, cooperation and compassion

  • Encourage play and playfulness (essential to development)

Intellectual Benefits:

  • Stimulate brain

  • Sharpen observation skills

  • Increase concentration, memory, and attention span

  • Spark curiosity and creativity

Student Teaching:

Since our mission revolves around empowerment, its always fun (and important!) to allow and encourage the students to teach different portions of the game. As they get more comfortable, they will love the opportunity to be charge, and they will evolve into leaders without even knowing it.