The RTY Intro Curriculum is broken up into three sections:

Me, You, and We.

Part 1: Me

We start with “Me” because all change starts from within an individual. Before we can begin to create change on a big scale, we must start with ourselves, thus the importance of the previously mentioned personal practice. Consequently, we have the children begin with themselves as a safe entry point towards yoga and mindfulness.

Part 2: You

The second portion of the curriculum focuses on the other, the “You” as in relation to “Me”. Just like in the development of an individual, ”I” naturally expands to include “You” and a sense of identity is developed.

Part 3: We

Lastly, we combine the “I” and the “You” in order to create not only a sense of identity, but also a sense of Unity, into “We”. In this portion, we explore concepts of interconnectedness, unity, and in the end, we create the “Tribal Ceremony” in which the students get “initiated” into Tribe.
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To begin with, each child will focus on him and herself the first four weeks. Raising self awareness and self love is a fundamental step in celebrating our individualities and leading up to broader concepts such as unity and interconnectedness. This month will be dedicated to finding out who we are as individuals, and what makes each of us unique.

My Body
My Mind
My Emotions
My Power


In the second month students will be led to broaden their perspectives from themselves to those they find around them, both figuratively and literally. Together we will explore concepts such as giving and receiving and responding to others. We will also think about who the other people are in our lives that we engage with, how we value them and how we judge ourselves/ one another.

Who are you?
Giving and Receiving
Reacting vs. Responding
Actions and Intentions (Communications)


After focusing on the self as well as on others, the third month is dedicated to uniting the two concept. The students are now ready to delve into themes such as unity and interconnectedness. Also what it means to be an individual and simultaneously, part of a group. At this point in the curriculum we bring in the notion of ‘The Tribe’.

Support System
Join the Tribe (Tribal Ceremony)
Roots Tribe Yoga - Introductory Curriculum