Young Professionals Board

Roots Tribe Yoga (RTY) is a non-profit organization that fosters cultural diversity, unity and mindfulness. We are small, highly collaborative organization seeking innovative young professionals to join our Young Professionals Board! We value discipline, positive work morale, dreaming big, and having fun! If you are passionate about children, wellness, and service work, and meet our qualifications we would love for you to apply! Please read this document carefully as it will provide you with a basic understanding of RTY’s Young Professionals Board.

What is Roots Tribe Yoga?

Roots Tribe Yoga is a nonprofit organization that fosters cultural diversity, unity and mindfulness. We understand that international development starts with self development. Through our curriculum we empower our students to step into their fullest potential, and provide them with the skills and tools they need to create the changes they wish to see within their lives and communities. The RTY method consists of a unique curriculum which includes asana practice, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, discussion, creativity, journaling, games and laughter.


  • Our mission is to use the practices of yoga, mindfulness, and play to empower young adults and give them the tools they need to create positive change.


  • RTY’s vision is that children across the world grow up with a rooted sense of empowerment, compassion, and interconnectedness.


  • Cultural Diversity
  • Mindful movement
  • Unity

What is YPB?

  • The Roots Tribe Yoga Young Professionals Board (RTY-YPB) is similar to the Board of Directors in that it is a group of people working together for the benefit of RTY, and its beneficiaries. However, this board does differ slightly from the Board of Directors in that it’s spaces are reserved specifically for young professionals who are interested in gaining real life work and non profit experience. The YPs will have the opportunity to work alongside established professionals in the nonprofit sector through RTY.
  • Our objective is twofold: We aim to create a unique and valuable professional experience for our YPB members, and strengthen RTY as an organization by utilizing ideas from YPB’s fresh young minds, and in turn broadening our reach, while remaining true to the mission of RTY.

What is the objective of the RTY - YPB?

  • The objective of YPB is to raise money and awareness around RTY
  • Each year, as the YPB grows in number, purpose, and efficiency, a new financial goal will be set
  • This being the first year of the YPB, the financial goal is to raise a total of $5,000 in the year 2018

Who runs it?

  • The President of the YPB is Katie Strine, a student of American University in Washington D.C. Once accepted you will be in contact with her and the other members.
  • RTY Founder, Philipa von Kerckerinck, will be working closely with Katie throughout the initial process of setting up the board, and will take a less hands-on approach as the YPB begins to gain momentum
  • Largely, the board will run itself as YPB members take on executive roles. It will be a mixture of students, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs), RTY Ambassador Alumni, as well as employees from companies and corporations who are interested in being involved

Am I a good fit?

  • You are a good fit if you are a student, returned Peace Corps Volunteer, young professional, and/or interested individual with relevant experience
  • Anyone who is interested in Roots Tribe Yoga and promoting our mission is welcome to apply for a position on this board
  • We are looking, specifically, for people who are ready and willing to learn in a collaborative and engaged fashion

What will my role will be?

  • As a member of the RTY-YPB you get to decide on which role you would like to undertake. Just like on a real board, the RTY – YPB has a President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, as well as members who do not take on a specific role, but are able to join specific committees for projects that best utilize their talents and abilities
  • Together as a team, the YPB will set annual goals each year in January, and will achieve these goals by the end of December
  • Suggested goal categories include:
    • RTY Fundraising Project
      • Raising $5,000 dollars through one or various fundraising techniques
    • RTY Awareness Campaigns
      • Creating events in your area to help raise awareness of RTY among the local community.
      • The awareness campaigns can go hand in hand with fundraising. For example consider hosting a yoga-thon. Find a local yoga studio and see if you could “rent it” it for a set number of hours. Solicit yoga teachers to donate their time to teach and invite attendees who can pay a certain amount to come or be sponsored to raise money for RTY. As you advertise and host the event awareness for RTY will naturally follow
    • Other Ideas
      • Draft your own idea and propose it to RTY staff for approval! We love your creativity, and we want to welcome, nurture, and put it to use as much as possible.
  • Specific event ideas include:
    *We have a lot of merchandise that was donated to us by Om Shanti, a yoga apparel company. We are happy to use this merchandise to assist your fundraising ideas. You may consider creating an event that includes one or more winners who will each receive a pair of yoga tights!
  • Hosting a yoga event
  • Asking bars and/or restaurants for discounts for one night, allowing x% of the proceeds to go to RTY
  • Hosting a dinner party at your house where you can share information about RTY with your guests and ask them for a donation and/or to pass the information along to their own friends who might be interested
  • Hosting a fundraising event: For example, RTY hosts an annual silent auction and workshop that has been very successful!
  • Use Social Media to raise awareness or financial support for RTY
  • Help us with our annual RTY campaigns
  • Network in your community to engage interested individuals including Professors, Community Leaders, Yogis, and Philanthropists

How much of my time it will take?

  • An average of 2-4 hours a week will be required of you, keeping in mind that some weeks will be busier than others, depending on when you decide to begin your projects, and how much you decide to take on. Please note that taking an executive role on the board, or heading a committee can increase the time you spend each week, but the leadership and professional skills you will gain are invaluable.
  • One term on the YPB lasts for two years. After that, there is an opportunity to extend your term year by year, given YPB approval
  • The YPB will meet once every month via phone call to discuss progress, challenges, ideas and next steps

Future potential for YPB:

  • As it grows, the RTY – YPB will branch out into different geographical regions, and different types of involvement . I suspect it may even sweep across the nation and the globe as RTY continues to grow and expand its reach!

What will you get out of it?

  • The first 10 members will be recognized as founding members of the RTY Young Professionals Board!
  • We will connect you with one another make a tangible difference in the lives of children around the world!
  • We offer you a unique learning experience to engage and network with other young professionals who have similar interests
  • We will give you exclusive behind the scenes info on RTY projects, trainings, and work globally
  • You will be personally invited to all of our events
  • There’s room to grow! The YPB is in its nascent stages, and we are more than happy to hear any ideas of feedback you may have in terms of how we can improve, what other methods we might engage in to bolster our the fundraising and other support we give you. We would love to hear how you would like to use your own interests and skills within the structure of the RTY – YPB!
  • Your work will feel good, not only as you gain professional skills, but you also empowers children and young adults to step into their fullest potential. By working with us on the YPB you are supporting our work and our mission, and you are, indisputably, creating positive change in the world.
  • You may get to travel. As RTY grows we may open travel opportunities to the YPB members who are interested in getting involved with RTY on the grassroots level, in The Gambia!

How to apply?

  • Apply online by clicking the Apply Online button below!
  • If we think you are a good match, we will be in touch with you after we review your application, to set up an interview
  • Contact us at hello@RootsTribeYoga if you have any questions!

Thank You!